Rakhi Sawant threw Elesh out of her life

Cynics may say they saw this coming all the while but till Rakhi Sawant actually threw Elesh Parujanwala out of her life there was still some hope that the grand 23-episode Swayamvar reality show would actually end in marriage at some point.Reportedly Rakhi incensed at Elesh’s western ways, fluent English and insistence that their baby should be born in Canada has finally decided that she does not want to marry the man and has broken off the engagement. That he insists that she give up her career and move to Canada with him makes the prospect of marriage, scarier.Elesh will leave for Canada today, a broken man. But he will keep his promise to the channel for which he is raising a false family with her and will return to shoot the next schedule.

Rakhi was all righteous indignation when asked about the split. ‘I can’t understand his fluent English, he can’t understand Hindi at all,’ she said petulantly. “Kaise chalega?”

Sources from the channel say that the whole of last week Rakhi has been finding fault with Elesh and highlighting his smallest mistakes to build a case for herself. “He has been as loving as ever but she has been a bitch,” said the source. Rakhi though, refused to comment on the subject saying it was too personal.

With this, hopefully, the whole farce of love and marriage has come to an end.

Report By: Vickey Lalwani

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