Palampur Express goes to the Olympics

There were rumours doing the rounds recently that Palampur Express was going off air, but we hear that the serial has got an extension and that the story is gearing up for the Olympics. The makers of the show are planning to book a real stadium for the shoot.“The producers and the channel are looking to book a stadium where they will shoot an Olympics sequence on a huge scale,” a source says. “Akangsha and the other cast members have started their training for the finale of the sports event. They are hitting the gym to stay fit, eating and resting properly.” Our source adds, “This event will be shot on a grand scale, where the audience will also be real. It was difficult to get the stadium but we managed.”

Akangsha Rawat, who plays the lead role of Pavni Dixit, says, “It’s going to be a huge sequence as they are planning to appoint a real trainer, who is currently training our women athletics for this the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi next year. It has been very hectic – I’m currently shooting nonstop for 17 hours and then training also – but it will be an exciting experience.”

At least this way, we’ll get to see an Olympics in India!

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