Mama proposes, Salman blushes

A daughter eligible for marriage is a mother’s prime concern and Mona Singh’s mother is no exception to this. When Mona’s mother recently met an unmarried man who she thought was a good match for Mona, she suggested the idea to him. Only, the man in question was none another than superstar Salman Khan.

A diehard Salman fan, Mona’s mother was excited when he was expected as a celebrity judge on Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega, the reality show Mona co-hosts. A dutiful daughter, Mona invited her mother to the sets of the show when they shot with Salman. She introduced her excited mother and Salman to each other backstage and left the two to chat a bit.

And that’s when the drama began. Little did Mona expect that her mother would suggest to Salman that he should marry Mona as they were both eligible for marriage and would be perfect for each other. And Mona’s mother did just that. A witness to the incident said, “Standing within the earshot of the duo, Mona was so embarrassed she didn’t know where to look. And as for Salman, well, he blushed and because he respects elder women a lot, just laughed and offered to pose for a picture with Mona’s mother.”

Mona brushed off the incident and said, “Oh, I don’t know about this, I was busy on stage. I’m totally single and enjoying it.”

Well, Mona’s mother surely lost a good catch there.

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