Hot seat ka saamna

In what might be a first one in India, the host of a reality show is set to sit on the hot seat and experience the pounding of a contestant’s heart. The television industry is abuzz with rumours of Rajeev Khandelwal being on the other side of the line and answering questions about his personal life on Sacch Ka Saamna, the show he hosts.Rajeev says that there is no sacch in the rumours, but our sources from the TV channel insist that seeing Rajeev on the hot seat is indeed in store for viewers. Rajeev says, “First of all, I never contest on reality shows.

Secondly, I am hosting this one… How can I be on the other side? It’s like asking Mr Shah Rukh Khan to be on the hot seat on Kaun Banega Crorepati. And thirdly, I don’t have the courage to reveal my innermost secrets to the whole world, not even to myself.”

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