Ekta Kapoor defends her show

The new show that Ekta Kapoor is planning, Betaab Dil Ki Tammanna Hai, has raised some uncomfortable questions about its central theme, as it based on the Shiney Ahuja rape case.The vice president of marketing with Sony TV, admitted in print that: ‘We do have problems with some aspects of the serial but nothing that can’t be sorted out. It’s a serial that goes into the realistic space and we just need to cover our bases.’Ekta’s response to this was: ‘I will pull out the serial but I won’t make any changes. Betaab Dil Ki Tammanna Hai was born from my genuine concern about the lives of female domestic workers in Mumbai. What makes them vulnerable to sexual attack in a city that’s supposed to provide safety to women from all sections of society?’

Ekta says she has done extensive research on the subject. ‘What I came to know shocked me. The Shiney Ahuja incident is not an isolated one. Men from the highest sections of society get sexually and emotionally attracted to their house help. I wanted to explore this fatal attraction.’ She said she wouldn’t let the channel come in the way of her creative freedom, adding ‘Ten years ago, when I did Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi and Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii, that was my reality. The sexual and emotional politics and dynamics of a large business family were real. Now, the reality of the Indian middleclass interests me. I am not getting into headlines for quick bucks.’

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