Ekta announces annual bash on 11th September

The biggest TV bash of the year is back. Yes, Ekta Kapoor is throwing her annual party on the 11th of September at her pad Krishna cottage. The SMS invite (also received by our correspondent) reads as follows. “Push your best ‘butt’on forward as BALAJI AND I, invite you to the biggest & most bootilicious beachwear bash. It’s that time of the year again, when Tequila shots and Margarita Mohitos will swim in a sea of sin & paint the night a new shade of Aquamarine.. .Be there if you have the b….. to ;-). I meant “BEACHWEAR”(a beachy shirt wid jeans or a sundress wud do best), to bring in the bash with a BIG splash”.

Last heard the entire TV industry is wondering who is invited and who is not, and what to wear. Even the media will be in tizzy to find out how our TV hunks and girls look in their hot beach wear. So, does it mean that we will be seeing girls in noodle straps? Well, it is heard that Ekta has made a special request to her friends not to come in bikinis.

The SMS ends with a funny quip. “And this time we start de party much earlier! Promise to b on time”.

Don’t worry Ekta we will surely be there on time in straw hats and Hawaiian shirts!!

Report By: Anil Merani

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