Wigs have wings

There can hardly be anything more embarrassing for an actor than his wig coming off into the hands of an actress in the middle of a love scene. And much to everyones amusement on the sets of TV serial Mata Ki Chowki recently, that is exactly what happened with Rahul Raj Singh, who plays Vansh, exposing his bald patch. He had been hoping that the truth about his bald patch would stayed, under wraps. Lead actors of the serial, Rahul and Muskan Nancy James (who plays Vaishnavi) were shooting for scene where the two were cosying up. Revealing the funny incident, our source from the sets says, “According to the script, Muskan had to stroke Rahuls head fondly. And just when they were in the middle of the scene, Muskan suddenly realised that she had something in her hand, and that something was Rahul’s wig! For a moment she looked totally confused and it took a while for Raj to realise that something important on his head was no longer there.”

“Within a moment, the director, cameraman and everyone else on the sets, including the technicians and the spot boys saw through the goof-up and had a difficult time suppressing their laughter. But Rahul clearly had a tougher time adjusting the wig and pretending that nothing was wrong. But the bald patch on his head confirmed what the crew members had been gossiping about”, our source adds.

Apparently, this is not the first time for Rahul and his adventures with the wig. Our sources say that earlier, where he played the love interest to one of the leads in Amber Dhara, a similar incident had taken place, but was hushed up by Rahul and the channel. Adds our source, “Rahul doesn’t let anyone touch his hair, Not even the make-up man. He insists on styling his hair himself, lest it be revealed to everyone that he is balding in patches.”

Report By: Sonali Shah

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