Surbhi Tiwari robbed…

Surbhi Tiwari who is seen in Swasik Pictures’ Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo on Zee TV was robbed while she was getting back from her shoot at around 1 am in the morning.Unfortunately, her car had gone for servicing and she was traveling in an auto. She was passing thro the Lokhandwala Bridge when a man on a Black Pulsar followed the rickshaw and all of a sudden, pulled the bag from Surbhi.Says Surbhi, “I did not know what to do. The rickshaw driver was also confused, and it was least expected as I have traveled home alone at late hours, but had never faced such a thing”.

The actress lost cash of about Rs. 7000/-, two mobile phones, Ray Ban sunglasses worth Rs. 15,000/-. The bag had all her important documents like Pan Card, Driving License, Certificates etc, as well as Credit Cards.

Surbhi had no option left but to go to the Police Station and file an F.I.R. at the wee hours of the night. One saving grace was that she had noted down the bike number as soon as the guy passed them, and was able to give the same to the police. She also blocked her credit cards and then took a drop home.

Surbhi was grateful to that rickshaw wala man as he helped her a lot by taking her to police station and even dropping her home safely. Since she had no cash at home that night, the guy came next day to collect his fare money.

Surbhi quotes, “This experience was a nightmare for me, but the police has assured they will nab the thief and I hope to get my documents back”.

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