Speeding Motorbike hits Divyajyotee to Hospital

Divyajyotee who we all know as Kali Of Star Plus’ Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat was hit by a speeding motorbike when she was crossing the road.Divya says, “I was shopping with my mother in Lokhandwala market. We wanted to cross the road and thankfully I was the one to lead. So then, this speeding motorbike comes up and the next thing I know I’m flat on the road. Because I went ahead nothing happened to my mom.”As a result Divya broke her elbow and had to undergo a surgery to fix it. She says, “The surgery took place at Kokilaben hospital. But now I’m in Delhi and visiting my family doctor for the post-surgical treatment.” She further adds, “I won’t be able to get back to work for at least a month.”

The unique nature of her injury is what makes it more painful. Divya explains, “Normally when you get your bone fractured, you are provided with a cast after the surgery. But in my case its not so. The elbow is something which has to be constantly moved, even when it is undergoing recuperation.”

Among all this unfortunate happenings there is one thing Divya can smile about. Divya says, “As soon my children got to know of my accident each of them came from different parts of the world to see me. My two daughters have come from London and the US and my son has come from Coimbatore. I feel happy my accident has become an excuse for an impromptu family gathering.”

It’s said laughter is the best medicine. Hope the company of her children is a ticket to faster recovery for Divyajyotee.

Report BY: Susan Jose

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