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Ever since Shweta Tiwari filed for divorce from her husband Raja Chaudhary in mid-2007, Raja hadn’t spent a moment with his daughter Palak.Today, Palak seems to have realised that her father is an important part of her life. Last week, Palak spent two-three hours with Raja at his house.A source says, “Raja is a relieved man. Ever since he separated from Shweta, he was very disturbed because he was not able to meet his daughter. But since last week, he is a very happy and relieved man. The glow is showing on his face.”

Confirming the same, Raja says, “Since Shweta and I parted ways, Palak hadn’t come to my house. She wouldn’t come to the phone when I called. I had virtually ceased to exist for my daughter. But now, I am so happy. Ever since she came home last week, Palak and I have also been talking on the phone. Last week, she came with her teacher. The next day she came again, but this time alone.”

However, Raja does not blame Shweta for Palak not having met him in the recent past. “Palak was seven years old when Shweta and I parted ways. She had seen it all, our differences and arguments. But today, she is nine. She has matured. When I used to call for Palak, Shweta used to tell me, ‘How can I force her to talk to you?’ I think it was entirely Palak’s decision to come over and be with me.”

Raja adds that he gifted many things to his daughter. He says, “She told me that she wanted to buy something for herself and I was very happy that I could help her with that.”

There have been reports that Raja was hoping for some miracle, which could revive his marital relationship with Shweta. Not so long ago, Raja had even sought medical help to come out of acute depression. Any chance of reconciliation with Shweta, we ask? “None,” Raja shoots back.

Report By: Vickey Lalwani

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