Mishap on sets of Swarg..

Rajan Shahi and COLORS’ Swarg recently witnessed a car and bike race sequence between the brothers Arjun (Nikhhil Chaddha) and Ansh (Dheeraj Dhoopar).The scene demanded a brand new car, and hence was brought in a red Porsche and a Hayabusa bike. As per the story track, the race sequence had to culminate in a minor accident wherein the car gets hit by another speeding vehicle. However, a big mishap while shooting these scenes occured, not once but twice which cost the production house a bomb. According to our source, “As the unit was shooting for the race scene, all of a sudden the engine of the car caught into fire. Luckily, the cameraman and Director Neeraj Baliyan who was following this car in another car noticed this and immediately asked Nikhhil and Vinny Arora who were in the car to get out”.

Producer Rajan Shahi confirmed this, and said, “It was God’s grace that the actors escaped without any injury”.

Continuing on the story our source adds, “The shoot had to be stalled for two days, after which a new BMW was brought in to complete the sequence. Two days of shoot went on smoothly, but the third day did have another hurdle in offer. As the unit was shooting the accident sequence, the car straight away rammed into the Qualis with which the accident was planned, which cost heavy damage to the new car”.

Rajan Shahi exclaimed, “Such an incident has never happened on my sets. But the irony was that the scene demanded the car to get damaged, and in reality too, the car met with an accident. This cost us a huge monetary loss, but at the end of it all, I am glad that none of my actors or unit members got hurt. In fact there is a scene in the show, soon after the accident where the father Satyanarayan (Yatin Karyekar) gazes at the damaged car, for which we have used the real damaged car”.

Says the Producer, “The entire unit is shaken by these two incidents; so we have planned a hawan and puja on the sets today to ward off the bad effects”.

Report By: Srividya Rajesh

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