Madhura harrased by a school girl..!

Recently actress Madhura Naik who we all know as Anu of Bhaskar Bharti and Maya of Kis Desh, has been getting constantly peeved by a child in her life!Madhura Naik would have never imagined that even before she could get into blissful marriage, she’d get hands on experience of just how annoying children can be! The actress tells us, “Recently I accepted a friend request from a fan on a social networking site. After little bit of interaction, I realized that it’s a school going kid. She would leave at least ten messages a day on my profile. She also never got tired of praising me.”

The trouble came without any warning. Madhura tells us, “One day she made a desperate request to me that I complete her assignment for her. I was to write a poem. I liked her too much to refuse. So I wrote an original poem and gave her. Pardon me for doing her homework but like I said she was very sweet to be denied. After that she started sending me messages asking me to explain her, the meaning of my poem.”

Poor Madhura couldn’t take it anymore. With the strain pretty evident in her voice she says, “This was when I lost my nerve. I stopped interacting with her. Still she begged me to reply to her messages. One of those messages even said that she was truly sorry for her misbehavior and that she was holding her ears (an Indian gesture to apologize from the bottom of one’s heart).”

In spite of a flurry of apologies, Madhura has decided to call the relationship quits. She says, “I am really not made of a substance to handle this kid, so I’ll let it pass.”

Well, seems like this is one fan incident that Madhura will never forget!!

Report By: Ranjini Nair

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