I don’t trust Elesh: Rakhi Sawant

Barely a few days back, she had the unwavering attention of the tele buffs, as she went through the rigmarole of her much-publicised Swayamwar. After much ado, she finally chose Elesh Parujanwala over 15 other candidates. But then, Rakhi Sawant being the original drama queen, doesn’t seem too content with this groom from Canada, who earlier seemed made-to-order for her. In a bindaas chat, the lady brazenly confesses that “I will wait and watch before taking the final call on wedding!”

‘Elesh has nothing’

Rakhi is aware that her critics have been making blistering remarks about her having wriggled out of marriage at the last minute on the reality show. Try reminding her of the criticism and she says, “They say Elesh’s dad in Canada has lots of money. But, who will take the guarantee that I will be looked after? At the moment Elesh has nothing except his education.

He said he wanted to make a career in Mumbai and I agreed. Although I was disappointed to learn later that he is not as affluent as he projected himself to be. He stays in a rented flat in Kandivali in Mumbai along with his partner and he has at times been surviving on vada-paav! You can’t expect me to stay in a rented flat!”

This is not the way a newly-engaged girl is supposed to feel. Where’s that newfound glow, which usually surrounds the women in love? “Mere mann mein koi khushi nahin hai! I agree that Mumbai is a city, which gives everyone a chance. But, if Elesh doesn’t settle down in one or two years, I will marry someone else,” announces the item girl.

‘I’m not attending sis-in-law’s wedding’

Interestingly, Rakhi has shelved her plans to go to Canada to attend Elesh’s sister’s wedding. Ask her the reason behind this omission and pat comes the reply, “I have another show lined up, where I will feature along with Elesh and a small baby. And I don’t want to lose focus at this juncture, but Elesh is going to Canada.” And what about her in-laws? Have they started pampering her with their love and care? “I couldn’t even spend a day with them or even Elesh because of my various commitments,” says the controversy queen in a dejected tone and adds, “In fact, I have accepted this new show, so that I can minutely observe Elesh. I want to know why did this man from Canada participate in my Swayamwar.” But then, hadn’t she already observed him for over a month during the reality show? “There were 16 contestants in all! I couldn’t observe them all minutely in such a short span,” says she scathingly.

‘Poor quality of suitors’

Now that she is not too happy with the turn of events, does she regret not having chosen Luv Khanna from Delhi, who expressed undying love for her? “He was so fake! We got so many letters wherein it was clearly mentioned that he had ruined the lives of many women. In fact, I had no idea that there will be such poor quality of suitors on the show where people like Manmohan, Krupal and Ashwin will turn up,” says she.

But then, being a diehard optimist, Rakhi is now looking forward to her next film — Aditya Chopra’s Haddippa —which will be released around Diwali. Perking up, she says, “I have my work and my Jesus! I know I will take the right decision at the right time!” This, surely, is not the last on her engagement drama! You can bet on that!

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