Gavie Chehal requests Prayers for his father

This Ganpati season actor Gavie Chehal has one fervent prayer towards Lord Ganesha, that he takes care of his dearest father.Gavie tells us, “I’m right now at my native place in Punjab. My father is really down with prostate cancer and he has to be admitted in the hospital. So I’m really busy with all the formalities that need to be done before admitting him.”The actor has had to turn down all the invitations that he received from his friends in Mumbai. He says, “I’ve told all my friends who invited me to come for Ganpati darshan at their homes, to excuse me this year. But I requested that they pray for my father.”

Gavie also has to keep aside all work for some time now. He tells us, “There were few projects that I was considering. But now due to such unexpected turn of events, I’ll have to hold all my work. Let’s hope I have the luxury of taking back my chosen projects when I return to Mumbai.”

We lend our support and well wishes to Gavie’s father in this hour of need!!

Report By: Susan Jose

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