Did Nikhil Chinappa ask for sexual favours?

The show Splitsvilla 2 ended almost a month ago, but the allegations are surfacing now. First, eliminated contestants Varun Jhamb and Nalini Negi alleged that some of the top crew members, including the director, had slept in the same room as top contender Joanna Magee; and others engaged in sexual favours, especially towards the end. Now, Swagata G Shah is screaming herself hoarse about an alleged sex scandal. In a tell-all interview to a tabloid, this ex-contestant alleged that the contestants had to give sexual favours to the crew members that included, to the surprise of many, Nikhil Chinappa as well. We got talking to some of the people embroiled in the controversy, and here is what they all had to say:

Siddhartha, winner: We all knew that thered be only two winners and loads of losers. What was expected of them was that theyd take their defeat graciously. But that thats where theyve all f***** up. All these allegations are just publicity hungry losers teaming up. This ultimately reflects badly on them. Swagata was the first contestant to be eliminated. This is when shes chosen to speak the truth almost after four months? Dragging Nikhila Chinappas name into it all is ridiculous hes had 10-12 years of a spotless career in the industry.

Probably, when she was eliminated, she didnt expect the show to be such a hit. And when she realised that she hadnt gotten much out of it, this is what shes resorted to.

As for Nalini and Varun, theyd started using the shows name to their advantage. Theyd go to pubs in Delhi and ask for a free entry, saying they were Splitsvilla contestants. As for the pool party that Swagata has spun her version around, let me clarify that there was a pool only for the crew members and there was a separate party area for the contestants. During the shows shoot, contestant-crew member interaction was barred and the same applied to the pool party as well. Although there were a few minutes of interaction, none of the girls were left alone with the crew members in the pool.

Nikhil Chinappa: I don’t want to comment on it. The channel will come out with an official statement soon. After all, it’s about the channels image and mine.

Rajiv Laxman (Creative director of the show): I categorically deny these allegations. We have strict rules that prevent the mingling of the crew with the cast. Swagata was the first contestant to be eliminated and didnt even spend a night at the villa. She doesnt have any inkling of the way things work there. The channel is seen as a soft target. With every season of our reality show such things have come to the fore.

Theres been a lot of learning from this incident. In our forthcoming season, well make sure that a thorough background check is done on the cast.

Report By: Nikhila Pant

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