Anuj Sachdev shares the dark phase of his life…

Who hasn’t had to deal with failure? It’s something none can escape. Truly, only those who can overcome failure with panache turn out to be successful individuals in their lives. And for Anuj Sachdev, who plays Amrit in Star Plus’ Sabki Laadli Bebo, he had almost given up if only he hadn’t taken up reading for solace.Anuj tells about his life’s 180 degree change in his own words…
The hope-filled beginning
I had come to Mumbai from my hometown Delhi just like any other innocent boy with dreams, with stars in my eyes. But soon my eyes opened up to the harsh reality as I was not getting any proper offer. And since I couldn’t manage to survive here, I went back to Delhi.

Hometown not bad, but not his goal
In Delhi I had a good enterprise running through footwear designing. So the logical step was to continue with it and relieve my father who was till then taking care of it. But then I was too depressed because my dream of making it in acting hadn’t turned into reality. So I couldn’t really focus on anything.

The wastefulness and the cure
I had taken to spending solitary hours in my bedroom, mulling over things and browsing through books. I don’t know if I wanted an answer or a way. But my mindless search continued till I found Robin Sharma’s “Who will cry when you die?” The book completely changed my outlook towards life and it wasn’t too long before I packed my bags and returned to Mumbai.

Sunshine filled Life
Now I maintain a habit of jotting down my short term and long term goals, which really helps me focus on the things I want to achieve. Even if I don’t attain a certain goal, I now know a healthy way of accepting failure, learning from them and moving on to give better efforts towards reaching my goal.

Anuj shares his story hoping that it will help his fans as well as many others to overcome their dark days of their lives without losing hope.

Report By: Susan Jose

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