Thanks to a burning affair, Parul’s got a new hairdo!

Parul Chauhan, Bidaai’s Ragini is now seen in a new hair-do!! But not all know that a slight mistake coming from Parul’s hairdresser led to this brand new hairstyle of hers. She says, “When the hairdresser was styling my hair, it got burnt from the front side. He had no other option left but to cut it. Then he suggested the bangs. For me it was something very new as I have never had bangs or fringes before. But I went for it anyways.”After her first public appearance with her new hairdo, Parul has been inundated with phone calls. “Soon after I attended my first event with the new hairstyle, my photo came in one of the leading newspapers. They had mentioned it as some sort of a makeover. Then all of my friends who saw my new look in the newspaper rang me up to compliment me.”

Parul though has a special mention for two of her favorite compliments. “Nishant called me up to say that I look very cute. It’s indeed special when he compliments me, even though he does it very often. I also felt nice when my choreographer Deepak called me just to say that I look adorable in this new hairdo.”

This incident has renewed Parul’s belief in the saying, ‘All’s Well That Ends Well’. She says, “At first I got scared that my hair got burnt. It is really distressing for a girl when something like this happens to her. But now that the end result of that incident is positive, I’m happy. Now I feel whatever happened, happened for good.”

Report By: Susan Jose

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