Shree shoot dogged by problems

On the sets of Zee TV’s Shree a few days ago, it was not the stars who took centrestage, but a bunch of dogs, who scared the cast and created a raucous during shooting. A source says, “There was a sequence that required dogs, so two sets of dogs, Dobermans and Alsatians, were brought to the set. The Dobermans were supposed took scary and scare off the women – Wasna Ahmed (who plays Shree), Taanaz Currim (who plays Mangla) and Shalmalee (Madhu). But instead they started dogs started fighting with each other and the situation got a little out of control.”

So another set of dogs, the Alsatians, were brought in later in the night. “But they weren’t the least bit scary. So the women joked among themselves that they could do without the dogs and do a good job on their own.”

Watch Shree, Monday to Friday, at 10.30pm on Zee TV.

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