Rs 30 lakh’s shoot scene of Seeta Aur Geeta

Producer Sunil Bohra is trying his best to give his TV serial Seeta Aur Geeta (a remake of 1970s hit film by the same name) an extravagant touch. The producer coughed up a whopping Rs 30 lakh to shoot a scene between Cezzane Khan and Anjorie Alagh with 40 Rolls Royces and other vintage cars like the Mercedes Benz and the Cadillac.

Ahmedabad-based Pranlalbhai is the owner of all the vintage cars. The cars have been kept at his farmhouse in Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad. There are 104 vintage cars currently in his possession. The cars have been used by prominent personalities of their time. The1955 Mercedes Benz was used by Dr Rajendra Prasad. One of the 40 Rolls Royces has been used by Queen Victoria. “Pranlalbhai has been very particular about his car collection and has not allowed anybody to shoot there till date. Top directors and producers have approached him on several occasions, but he has always turned them down. He allowed Bohra to shoot because of his friendship with Bohra’s father,” said our source.

Sunil Bohra said, “Yes, I shot a scene with vintage cars.” He, however, refused to comment on the cost of the shoot saying, “It was prestigious to be able to shoot the scene and at times like these, money takes a back seat.”

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