Rohit Bakshi’s experience as a Prince Ratan Singh

Rohit Bakshi, who plays Prince Ratan Singh in Rani Padmini, did not get any time to prepare himself for the role but he’s been learning tons on the sets. Indya found out why and much more during our chat with him.“I was finalised and within 3 days I started shooting for the show so I did not get the time to prepare. In my first scene, I had to sword fight. There was no chance for me to learn beforehand so I just did a few rehearsals and went for it,” he says Rohit also admits that he was scared riding a horse for the first time. He adds, “I have not been trained to ride a horse but I have ridden one in the past. Still, it was scary riding with a sword. Now I practice on the sets. I’ve learnt sword fighting and I ride the same horse because he should be familiar with the person riding him.”

Sword fighting and horse riding weren’t the only things giving Rohit trouble on the sets. The actor had a tough time with his costume too. “First of all, it was so hot there in Karjat. In addition to that, the costume was heavy with the kawach, head gear and the shield I had to carry. It was really difficult sword fighting with all this but somehow I managed. For the particular scene with all this included, we shot for 4 days.”

An actor is happy with the response that the show is receiving. He says, “Everyone has many expectations from the show and from me. I have been getting good responses. They told me I look good and I fit the bill; that the look of a Rajput goes well with me.”

Rohit can’t help telling us that he recently met his idol Akshay Kumar. He says, “I am a great fan of Akshay’s as he is self-made man in the industry. He was shooting for his movie Action Replay and we have a room to stay there. Vipul Shah and the entire crew were shooting near the canteen, which is very close to my room. Akshay was standing right behind me. I could not recognise him quickly as he was dressed as an old man and talking to someone on the phone. I went and said hi to him. I could not talk much to him as they were shooting but he made my day.”

Report By: Sonali Joshi

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