Rajeev Khandelwal’s secrets revealed

While Rajeev Khandelwal is currently revealing secrets about other people’s lives on his reality show, his own secret is out. There have been talks about Rajeev dating someone for the past eight months and he has admitted it himself. The girl in question is Manjiri Kamtikar and she works for an ad agency. Both are extremely serious about each other and in all probability, will make their relationship official soon.Our sources said, “Manjiri and Rajeev met about a year ago through a common friend and have been in touch since. Apparently, they started dating about six to eight months ago and both of them are extremely serious about each other. Earlier, there were rumours about Rajeev dating TV actress Aamna Sharif, but he has clearly moved on from the relationship.

Manjiri works with an ad agency and both have been meeting regularly and are quite open about their relationship. Manjiri is in her early 20s and is an extremely private person. She was also working with a channel for a brief period before joining the ad agency.”

The source further said, “In the past too, Rajeev has maintained that he has been dating someone. Rajeev wants to respect her privacy and is proud of the fact that he has found someone who does not seek publicity from his stardom.”

Despite repeated text messages and calls, Rajeev remained unavailable for comment.

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