Parul Chauhan to be back soon

Parul Chauhan popularly known as Ragini from Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai is now slowly recovering from chickenpox. The actress will resume shooting in the next two or three days. When we spoke to Parul about her health she said, “It’s almost one week I’m out of work because of chickenpox and moreover I’m eating non-spicy and non-oily food and now I’m fed up of eating only dal-chaval and roti, lekin kya kare health is first. Before those marks appear Alokji was really appreciating my face and next day I got chickenpox. Now the marks are fading up and I’m glad that my face is not spoiled as during the initial days the mark where really prominent that I was not able to speak properly and this made me so depressed. I cried when I saw myself in the mirror but now I’m fine.”

Later on she told us that,” I took care of myself as I didn’t tell my mom, she had gone back to her home town to look after my uncle who was also sick. I’m now taking care of my skin as and today I will be going to the doctor for a check up and to will ask him when to resume shooting because I’m really missing Bidaai sets. I am hoping to start shooting soon and also to eat spicy food again.”

Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai was on an interesting track -Alekh and Sadhana getting married and Ragini will support her sister in their marriage ceremony.

Report By: Dhanashri Kulkarni

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