Balika Vadhu – The con is on

Pay Rs 1500 and you can land a role in the most popular show Balika Vadhu. That’s how conman Sanjay Wadhwa has been luring unsuspecting people into parting with their money. As his name is similar to Balika Vadhu’s producer Sunjoy Waddhwa, he figures that he has hit the jackpot.Now the producer has registered a complaint at Amboli Police Station in Andheri.Comall Waddhwa, wife and co-producer of Sunjoy Waddhwa, said, “We learnt about the scam when the father of a child, Pankaj Jain, mailed us with details about the issue. He said that they got a call from someone who introduced himself as Sanjay Wadhwa and said that they are casting for the final episode of Balika Vadhu. His wife was called to a hall in MHADA at Versova where they asked her to fill a form and pay Rs 1500. Then they said that a portfolio is a must and asked her to shell out another Rs 7000. When she reached home and told her husband, he thought it sounded fishy that someone of Sanjay’s calibre would call himself.”

The suspicions led to some super sleuthing. She continued, “As he was suspicious, he logged on the website of our production house, Sphere Origins where there was a picture of Sunjoy. It dawned on the lady that she had met someone else. That’s when they mailed us. We thought that it was a one-off incident and ignored it. A couple of days later, an acquaintance said that she got a call for auditions too. Incidentally, she also knows the director of our show Siddharth Sengupta and she told them that she knows us, but the impostor assured her that it was him. At least 18 parents went there with their kids for the audition. We were shocked, so we lodged a complaint and the cops went to the location, but the guy was not there. We have also given the cops the number from which they called them and they are looking into it. All we want to say is that we’ve got nothing to do with these calls and Balika Vadhu has a long way to go before the last episode. We hope that more people do not get duped.”

They decided to take prompt action and approached the police. Sr. Police Inspector Gamande at Amboli Police Station, said, “We have not registered a case yet, but preliminary investigations are going on.”

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