Abhishek Rawat busy on his honeymoon!

We have heard stories of our television stars fainting on the sets due to workload. But have you ever heard of a television star missing out on his honeymoon due to work?! Abhishek Rawat who plays the lead in Swastik Pictures’ Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo on Zee TV, sets the record for being the first one to do that!Abhishek tells us, “I got married at a time when I could not afford to take long leave from work. So I had to put off the honeymoon then. I recently tried to make up for it when Laali went back to her maternal home, and my shots were not required. So it was only two weeks back that my wife and I got a chance to take off to Goa for few days. But yes a longer vacation with Anjali is surely something I am looking forward to. Just waiting for an opportunity…”

Abhishek’s love-story seems straight out of a romance novel! Says the actor, “We were childhood friends. Both our fathers are from the army and they were posted at the same place- Mhow near Indore. So we did our schooling together. Then during college we lost touch. We met again during our MBA entrance exams. It was just like two old friends getting back together and we just made a random decision to apply for the same colleges. And guess what? We got into the same college in Jabalpur!”

Abhishek’s wife Anjali continues the story, “After our MBA we could afford to work together in Delhi as both of our parents also got posted there! Then Abhishek left for Mumbai. After a while I joined him, and we both worked together for Business Baazigar on Zee. It was in Mumbai, that we officially started going out.”

Anjali talks fondly of their wedding. “We had a typical Pahadi wedding, since Abhishek is from Uttaranchal. Although the wedding was in April 2009, we had started planning way back in December. And on the 26th of April we had a small engagement ceremony and on the 27th we got married!”

So what does Anjali have to say about the ‘no-honeymoon’ phase? “Well, Abhishek was having such a hectic schedule. It’s okay.(How sweet of her!) Now, I’m just waiting for the time when Abhishek will get a long break. Then, we will definitely get away!”

Well, honeymoon or no-honeymoon, we just wish that Abhishek and Anjali keep the fun going in their married life!

Report By: Susan Jose

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