New twist expected as Bhagyavidhaata TRP rises

COLORS’ Sabki Jodi Wohi Banaata Bhagyavidhaata, produced by Shreya Creations which was launched at the time of IPL at the early evening slot of 7 PM did not get its due initially when it came to ratings. However, the new twists and turns have managed to grab viewers’ attention, and this reflects in the sudden rise in the TRPs of the show. On 10th July, the show completed its successful run of 50 episodes, and coincidentally the show garnered its highest ratings since launch, with a 1.5 TVR. We talked to Story and Screenplay Writer, Raakesh Paswan who said, “The show has garnered lot of critical acclaim so for, and it is a nice feeling to see the ratings for the show increase now. We recently completed 50 episodes, and have more twists and turns coming in the near future. Keep watching”.

The present track is focused on the remarriage of the lead couple Vinay (Vishal Karwal) and Bindiya (Richa Soni). Earlier, Vinay was forced to marry Bindiya at gun point by the girl’s family members, after which they had been tormenting him to accept her as his wife and lead a happy life. Vinay who is pissed off with their interference decides that the only way to stop them from coming in his way is by marrying Bindiya all over again, and declaring before all that she is his wife. The remarriage sequence was shown last Friday.

However, the news coming in on the future track is that Vinay has a totally different motive behind accepting Bindiya as his wife. Says our source, “After the remarriage, Vinay asks for a promise from Bindiya’s father that Bindiya’s brother Raja and her family members will not interfere in his marital life ever after. This actually paves way for him to deal with Bindiya according to his terms and conditions. Well, life will not be a bed of roses for Bindiya after this, as Vinay does not intend to accept her as his wife. His next motive is to put Bindiya thro’ all the miseries possible of being his wife, which will ultimately force her to leave home and run away from him”.

Will Vinay succeed in breaking the patience level of Bindiya? Or will Bindiya stand the test of times and win a place in Vinay’s heart?

Keep glued to Bhagyavidhaata on COLORS to know more…

Report By: Srividya Rajesh

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