Salman’s star power attracts celebs to his show

Salman Khan’s second season of Dus Ka Dum is going to be star studded, this time he shot for two more episodes and they both were again with celebrities. One episode had Taare Zameen Par fame Darsheel Safery, and from Slumdog Millionaire Azhar and Tanay were there and the other episode had father son duo Dharmendra and Sunny Deol on the show. source from the show informs: “Salman was in a very good mood with the kids. He gave a chance to Azhar to open the show, and he did it very well. Azhar did not play games but he gave company to Salman for hosting the show. Tanay lost in knock out round and Darsheel played the game, he was going good. However he gave a wrong answer on the 1 crore question and only got away with 1 lakh.”

“The second episode was with Dharmendra and Sunny Deol. Sunny told that he would not play the game. He decided to give this opportunity to his father. Dharmendra then played the game; he too only won 1 lakhs. Dharmendra lost in the knock out round. It was a very normal shoot but it was an enjoyable episode over all,” our source informs.

Telecast for these episodes have not been decided as of now. However, so far Salman has been shooting with celebrities. He has shot for five episodes and all of them were celebrity specials only, shooting for the sixth episode will take place this week and it is said that this episode will also have celebrities.

Report By: Sonali Joshi

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