Siddhesh Jagtap: The real Ghajini Star

Eleven year old Siddhesh Jagtap who is a contender of Zee TV’s L’il Champs met with a fatal accident two years back, while pillion riding with his father on his bike. As fate would have it, a pedestrian lady who was knocked by a bull’s horns, accidentally hit Siddhesh who fell down in front of a running bus. Needless to say, he succumbed to critical injuries. Though the doctors managed to save his life, he lost his brains. Since then, the little lad suffers from short term memory loss. There was a point when he even did not remember his parents. Music proved to be a savior for the child. Through regular riyaaz, his parents were successful in sharpening his rusted memory. Says his teary eyed father, “I take pains to teach him his school lessons for 16 – 18 hrs, but all in vain. After 15- 20mins he forgets everything.”

“Music has become a therapy for him. Through regular riyaaz, his memorizing capacity has shown improvement. His recall and retention power has also stepped up” continues the doting father.

“We are staunch vegetarians. No one in our family has ever touched non-veg food. After Siddhesh’s accident, the doctor advised that we feed him protein in order to heal the head injury. I started cooking and feeding him non – veg food since then. We can go up to any lengths to get him cured….”, says the mother who lives in the fear that her son might forget her some day.

Report By: By Srividya Rajesh

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