Ragini ka jadoo chal gaya….

Ragini Khanna aka Bharti who plays the female version of Bhaskar in the Sony show, Bhaskar Bharti produced by DJ’s Creative Unit gets the best of treatments possible on sets.The actress has literally revamped her make-up room with bright colors to suit her taste, and if this is not enough, she has managed to bag the biggest make-up room too!! Ask Ragini about this, and the bubbly actress is quick to say, “I spend my entire day on the sets and in the make-up room. I always like my room to be bright and nice, so have changed the color of it. These colors help me feel relaxed and ease out my stress levels”.

To get into the Bhaskar mode, Ragini has been advised to watch closely the mannerisms of Eijaz Khan aka Bhaskar so that she can play the character well. However, Ragini goes a step ahead in experimenting with the role, and in addition to getting ‘vishesh tippanis’ from Eijaz, she manages to add some spice to the character. Recently, she targeted Kabir Sadanand, the Creative Director of the show and made him walk with high heels. “Actually I wanted to see how a man walks with high heels, so I asked Kabir to wear it. He was really sweet and did that for me (smiles)”, quips Ragini.

Must say that Ragini puts in all efforts possible to look the ‘MAN’ on screen!!

Report By: Ranjini Nair

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