Parul Chauhan is Favourite Bahu

Parul Chauhan gets the Favorite Bahu award at SPA this year. The actress shot to fame for her role as Ragini in Bidaai and that has made her a household name. We caught up with the actress to ask about her winning moment which she defines in her words. When we asked her about winning the favorite Bahu Award, she says, “I was excited as since it was SPA and because, it has become a very important part of my life. I won the favorite Bahu award which gave me reason to celebrate the night. And I must mention it that when we work round the clock and give the best and in the end if we get award it feels great.”

On her being associated with Star and Biddai, she says, “Since I started working with Star and by now I have become the member of it. They treat the entire actors like family membes and I personally feel at home even on sets and that defines the coordination we have developed all the while. I do a lot of masti on the sets but when it comes to work I get serious which comes handy for them,” she adds,

“Bidaai is really special for me as I have earned fame through it. I can’t deny the fact that whatever I am today is all because of Ragini the character I play in Bidaai. And I strongly believe that in future too the show will go on the way its going now, and will keep entertaining viewers.”

Report By: Randhir Roy

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