Ooltah Chashmah caught the fancy of Gujarat chief minister

Seems that Asit Modi’s famous laugh riot Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltha Chashmah on SAB has not only caught the fancy of children and elders, but also politicians alike! Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi, who’s known for his strict disciplinarian nature, sure has caught the fancy of Asit Modi’s Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltha Chashman!Indya heard that people close to Mr. Modi kept advising him to tune into the show, as it’s a great stress buster! But Mr. Modi never got the chance to catch the show due to his hectic schedule.However, by continuous persistence by friends and family alike, he managed to catch some episodes of the famous show. And boy! He sure was laughing throughout! Now that must be a sight to watch!

Apparently he has become quite fond of the show and is convinced that it indeed is a great show- to unwind. He extended compliments to the Producer Asit Modi of Neela Telefilms for making a family- oriented show that sends out simple messages of life, without being preachy!

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