Kamya pregnant

Kamya Punjabi aka Sindoora of Banoo Main Teri Dulhann has been frequently visiting a gynecologist in Santacruz. No prizes for guessing why. The actress is four months pregnant and is happy to take a break as the three-year-old show has come to an end.Kamya initially refused to talk about her pregnancy, but on being probed further, she said, “I am quite superstitious but I guess I can’t hide it for long. So, everyone might as well know I am pregnant.”Things are finally looking up for Kamya, who had a troubled marriage with Bunty Negi. The couple eventually reconciled. Meanwhile, she is still deciding if she wants to deliver her baby in India or in the US. “I have a few relatives in the US and Bunty is keen that I deliver there, but I prefer Mumbai,” she said.

Kamya was busy playing the bad girl in Banoo Main… till the show came to an end. Now, she wants to take it easy. “I have been refusing a lot of work on television and theatre. I have worked so hard for years. Now, it’s the time to enjoy. To be honest, every morning I feel my tummy and try to gauge if it has grown anymore and if yes, then how much. I am feeling on top of the world,” Kamya added.

Commenting on how she spends her free time, Kamya said, “I have been pampering myself by visiting beauty parlours and shopping malls. I have coloured my hair and intend to have a new hair colour job again after two months. I have been wearing body-hugging clothes as I want my tummy to show. I want to enjoy the remaining five months of my pregnancy.”

Report By: Vickey Lalwani

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