Hiten and Gauri to become parents..

If rumours over the past five years were to be believed, Gauri and Hiten Tejwani would’ve been proud parents of a cricket team by now. This time, however, there is truth to the rumours about Gauri’s pregnancy. The happy couple is expecting their first child.Gauri is in her fourth month of pregnancy. A source said, “Gauri and Hiten were seen at a clinic in Andheri many times. Although they have known about the pregnancy for three months now, they were being secretive and did not want to tell anyone about the baby.”

The thrilled papa-to-be, Hiten Tejwani, confirmed the news, “Yes, it’s true. We’ve been married for five years and we were both busy with our professional life. Everyone was always asking us about ‘good news’. However, it was very important to start a family at the right time. Gauri has been chilling out at home and is busy with her passion – painting. I have just started shooting for Kitni Mohabbat Hai.”

The couple has managed to keep it under wraps for three months. Hiten added, “We were being cautious and did not want to talk about it. There have been rumours of Gauri being pregnant so many times and this time it is true and we are both extremely thrilled. It’s a big moment for us. She is fit and doing well and we are looking forward to becoming parents.”

Report By: Kunal M Shah

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