Bhaskar Bharti off to Paris..

Eijaz Khan, the perfect playboy of Sony’s Bhaskar Bharti might be a sad man in the show because of his overnight transformation into a girl, courtesy the curse laid by one of the girls he ditched!! However, the actor has taken full advantage of his absence in the show and has flown for a holiday to Paris.According to our source, “Bhaskar Bharti, the ‘Man’ has turned into a woman in the show, and the lady version of the character is being played by Ragini Khanna. Now that Eijaz has no role to play and will be seen only in flashbacks, he is enjoying his holiday at Paris and will return only by 8th or 10th of June”.

Well, spare a thought to the ardent fans of Eijaz who have been waiting to catch their star on television from a long time, and when the big moment eventually arrived, they managed to get just a glimpse of their favorite before he got changed to a woman!!

For the moment, girls can just pray for Bhaskar Bharti’s sins to get wiped off so that they get to see their macho man on screen again!!

Report By: Srividya Rajesh

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