Asiya to be replaced by Vinny in Bandini..

Asiya Qazi, who is currently portraying the role of Santo in Bandini (NDTV Imagine), will soon be replaced. The rumours doing the rounds are that Vinny Arora of Aathvan Vachan fame will take her place on the show.A source says, “Asiya has never been cooperative, right from day one. She doesn’t come on time to the sets and throws tantrums. This has been the issue for quite some time now and so she’s finally getting replaced.”When contacted, Asiya Qazi denied the news saying, “No, there is no truth to this. I don’t know from where these rumours are coming. I am very much a part of the show. In fact, I am even shooting for it.”

The source also informed us about the audition process, saying, “Asiya will shoot for another three days. The auditions have already started for the new Santo. Girls of the same age group as Asiya are being considered. However, there is one person who is most likely to be seen as Santo: Vinny Arora, who was seen portraying the role of Urmi in Aathvan Vachan has good chances of playing this role.”

When asked about the same, Vinny replies, “I am really not aware of this. Yes, I did give the look test two days ago but officially I haven’t got any confirmation till now. They have told me that they will get back to me, so I am just waiting for their call.”

About Asiya’s acting, she says, “Asiya is a very talented actress and people love her the way she is. If I get to play Santo, then obviously I wouldn’t try to be like her but I’ll give it my best. As actors we don’t imitate another, we just try to give our best in our own way. Although it is going to be difficult, it is not impossible!”

The new Santo will be seen on Bandini from next week.

report By: Vandana Shukla

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