Ashita Dhawan reveals her RJing skills..

Ashita Dhawan, who has entertained us with her fine histrionics with the character of Maalti Bhabhi in Bidaai throws a surprise by sharing her secret ambition with us.Ashita says, “From childhood, I have had this fascination for Radio Jockeying. I have imagined myself in my room as an RJ and have stood in front of the mirror jabbering away like one.She adds, “My friends also tell me that I talk so much that I should rather be an RJ than an actor.”Well, dream comes true for Ashita as she has bagged her first opportunity on radio. “I’m doing two back-to-back interviews on radio, today and tomorrow with Radio Mirchi. I never dreamed of being on the other side but however I’m glad that I’m getting to visit the studio.”

But the sad part according to Ashita is that there were never any opportunities through which she could pursue her interest of RJing. “There were never any RJing competitions during my days in school and college. And even otherwise I was never given a chance to perform with a mike! So I was always into more of dancing.”

This attachment to RJing naturally comes from Ashita’s love for music. “I like music from all the genres. It depends on my mood. An RJ is always in close affinity with music. Subconsciously this could be the reason that I’ve aimed to be an RJ.”

Ashita is also seen in Sony’s Ladies Special where she essays the role of Bubbly Chaddha.

Report By: Susan Jose

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