Achint Kaur shares her voice for Ladies Special

Achint Kaur who was last seen in Ranbir and Rano has finished shooting for two movies after her show went off air few weeks back. Achint who is now giving voice over to Ladies Special show spoke to us in detail about it.Achint has just returned from abroad.”I just finished shooting for a movie with Vikram Bhatt. It is a thriller. We shot few parts in India and the rest in Scotland.This month we shot for the last sequence and the movie is over now. It is ready for release, though I do not know when it will release. Name of the movie is not yet decided and it is directed by Vikram Bhatt. I am playing a cop in the movie and it is a character role – full fledged too.I cannot give you more details than this.”

Achint has also wrapped up with yet another documentary. However as far as TV is concerned Achint says:”I want to play roles of my age. People who come to me keep on giving me mother roles. I would really love to do roles like which I did in Kitty Party, Virrudh or even like Ranbir Rano where I played the eldest daughter of the family. Even if it is a cameo I’m ready to do that but it has to be interesting. I have got a lot of kicks career wise, so I did not feel that I want to do any kind of role again because it gave me a kick. I had lots of opportunity and for that I got lots of popularity as well as critical appreciation for my work.”

So what is keeping you busy nowadays: “This voice over which I’m giving will go on for a long time, it is not for few episodes. Apart from that I’m working out regularly, and chilling. I am also searching for a new house. I live on rent, so I had no time till date to search for a new house. Finally I got time, so I’m looking for a house in Andheri, and it is going to take much of my time, I guess. So let’s see what happens,” she sings off.

Report By: Sonali Joshi

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