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Star Plus’s new show Star Vivaah will give all single girls and boys a chance to find their ideal match- reaching out to thousands of people watching as their profiles are aired. The show, which premieres on May 13, will be hosted by Aditi Shirwaker and Mohnish Behl and has so far received over 10,000 calls from applicants.ACCORDING to Aditi, Star Vivaah is an even better method to find a partner than the usual matrimonials because here, contestants are interviewed extensively.She says, “People search for matches on websites and the newspapers. Here, we can provide them with even more information.

Every episode will show interviews of the candidate, along with his or her parents and their personal information. At the end of the episode, we will provide audiences with the participant’s ID so that they can be contacted directly.”

Mohnish hopes to bring in his own expertise on marriage to help contestants on the show. He says, “I have been in a relationship for the past 17 years. Marriage is a very important decision in a person’s life.”

And being the father of two girls, Behl is partial to the fairer sex and plans to really grill the male participants. He says, “I have two daughters so my approach towards these boys and girls will be different. My questions to the boys will include more serious subjects like how much they are earning and whether they want an educated wife. If he wants an educated wife and is not allowing her to work then I’ll ask him why he needs someone educated.”

On the other hand, Aditi will ask more lighthearted questions regarding dream dates and ideal honeymoons. She is confident about the show’s approach to marriage and says, “Marriage is a huge step. I believe in the concept of arranged marriage; my elder sister got married that way and now my brother-in-law has become a son in my family. My parents, however, had an arranged marriage and they too are an amazing couple.”

Aditi is enjoying the show so much that she gets impatient between shoots. “This show has been such an experience. Going through all these interviews is so exciting that after shooting, I can’t wait for the next schedule to begin,” she says.

Every episode of Star Vivaah airs footage of an eligible boy or girl being interviewed, along with their families and friends. Content head Anupama Mandloi says, “We will also be doing basic crosschecks on the information that the candidates provide.” The show will air every Monday to Friday at 2pm on STAR Plus.

Report by: Sonali Joshi

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