Eliminated Hard Kaur hints that JDJ is fixed

It was one of the most shocking episodes of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 3. The reality’s most popular and versatile dancer Hard Kaur was eliminated. What came as the biggest surprise is that she landed up in the face off round even after being the highest scorer last episode. A disappointed Kaur tells us about her feelings on her eviction and how she feels that the winners may have already been decided upon by the channel.
How has your journey on Jhalak been?
It was good; I’ve learnt many things which include many forms of dancing. Every week we were very innovative and experimental. Savio loved exploring things and so did I. Also, I’ve lost a lot of weight without dieting and that’s great!

Has your purpose of participating on the show been served?
Yes, my motive of coming on the show was to do fadoo dancing and I’ve done that. I wanted to do dancing which is of a very high standard and I have done that too.

What do you think went wrong?
I cannot blame anyone. I never expected to win but then, when I started getting votes, I thought that I would at least reach the finals. Now I know how everything functions. The most surprising thing is that I was the highest scorer. So how did I end up in the dance off?

Were you expecting your elimination?
Forget elimination, I never imagined being in the dance off. In fact, I thought Karan would go this week as his performance was the weakest. Being in the dance off left me speechless… I really don’t know how! Maybe the channel has already decided who they want to win.

Did you get along with your choreographer Savio?
We have never fought and are like buddies. Every week, we would be very excited to perform something different. He has been a great choreographer. In fact, when I was eliminated, I didn’t feel bad for myself, I felt bad for him. I wanted to win because of him!

Have you ever broken any rules in the Jhalak house?
Only once when I came an hour late for rehearsals because I was in a meeting. Other than that, I would do stupid and funny acts during my rehearsals. But then, that’s not really breaking rules (laughs).

Right from the time Jhalak started till now, how would you now rate yourself as a dancer?
I was a 6 on 10 earlier and now I would rate myself 9 and a half on 10.

Which forms of dance have you learnt?
I’ve learnt salsa, rumba, samba, jazz, flamenco, tango, pasodoble, lindihop, ballroom, bachata, hip hop, mujra, folk and of course, Bollywood!

Apart from dance, what have you learnt from the show?
I’ve learnt that a person should always be herself and never change for anybody. Also, don’t go out of the way to give people entertainment. I’ve also learnt that one should always respect the people around for their art.

Who do you think deserves to win?
Deserving wise, all of us know that Gauhar should win because she’s a better dancer than Karan and Bhaichung. But I also know that ultimately, it will either be Karan or Bhaichung who will win the show.

Will we see you participating in other dance shows in the future too?
Yes, why not? But it has to be something very exciting and different. It has to be related to dance and music. In fact, even comedy but not something like Khatron Ke Khiladi. I was offered the show but I refused to do it kyunki mujhe apni jaan pe khelke paise kamaane ka koi shauk nahi hai.

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 3 airs every Friday and Saturday at 9pm on Sony TV.

Report by: Vandana Shukla

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