Smriti Banned

Smriti Irani is facing the wrath of labourers whose dues she hasn’t paid despite shooting of the show Waaris having wrapped up months ago. As a result, the Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE) has boycotted her.A source said, “Smriti Irani hasn’t paid Rs 11 lakh to the junior artiste suppliers, Amrit Rajiv and Co. The payment is due since a long time and much to the workers’ dismay, there seems to be no inclination from Smriti’s end to clear the dues. She is blaming Zee TV for not paying her because of which she hasn’t paid the workers. We will make sure she is not allowed to carry out any of her shoots until she clears the long pending due.”

Another source on condition of anonymity said, “Smriti has been exerting a lot of pressure on FWICE so that her production house is not banned. However, after a long wait and several attempts to retrieve their money, a step was finally taken by FWICE against her. It’s the question of paying several artistes who lead a hand-to-mouth existence.”

Dinesh Chaturwedi, General Secretary of FWICE, confirmed and said, “We have issued a non-cooperation move against Smriti Irani boycotting her because she hasn’t paid the junior artiste supplier. She owes them Rs 11 lakh and has paid only Rs 70,000 so far. She is scheduled to start shooting on May 11 but we will not allow anybody from our association to work for her.”

Smriti Irani said, “For six months now, I have religiously followed up on the company’s rightful dues, still unpaid, by Zee TV for Waaris. The Association of Motion Picture and TV Programme Producer has taken up this cause to ensure that the rights of the producer and the workers are secured. I have resolved not to produce anything till Zee clears its outstanding payment on Waaris and have even given up my home production to another producer. At least someone should stand up in the industry when a unit is wronged and fight for justice.”

For six months now, I have religiously followed up on the company’s rightful dues, still unpaid, by Zee TV for Waaris – Smriti Irani

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