Salman Khan postpones shoot for DKD

Dus Ka Dum’s second season is slated to air on May 30 at 9pm but its shooting schedule has now gone for a toss with Salman Khan delaying it by two days. Promos for DKD are already airing on Sony and Khan was supposed to start shooting this Saturday. But a source from the show tells us that filming is now postponed till May 20 on the superstar’s request.The source says, “We were going to start shooting on the Saturday, May 16, but now we’re going to start on Monday. We’ll shoot on Monday and Tuesday but those will be the technical rehearsals, setting up the lights and camera angles, so Salman will not be there. He is expected to start shooting on Wednesday, May 20, for the first episode.”

As for the reason work has been pushed back, the source says, “The shoot was delayed due to date issues from Salman’s side. That’s why we had to reschedule everything. It was going to be five day schedule, with just a one day break so we hope that we can keep a similar plan for the new schedule.”

Last year too, the entire crew of DKD had tough time waiting on Sallu. The crew would wait for hours on end for the star, who would turn up late at night if called in the evening. This usually caused filming to go on till the wee hours of the morning, draining the entire unit. Salman would also postpone or entirely leave his filming incomplete, citing ill health as his reason.

So far, Khan is said to have shot for two promos, one of which is airing. In it, he sports a blue ganji and a black golf cap. He is seen deejaying at a nightclub and promises to bring back the magic in his second season of DKD, saying, “Agar mere saath nahi khela toh kya khela”.

Report By: Sonali Joshi

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