Gunjan Walia goes for a 1 month vacation

Gunjan Walia, who plays Laxmi on Ghar Ki Laxmi Betiyaan, needs a break and so she’ll be absent from the small screen for a while. But don’t worry, she promises to be back after her one-month-long holiday.Gunjan is quick to clarify that she isn’t leaving Betiyaan, saying, “It’s not like I’m leaving the show. My character Laxmi’s track is not focused on now. Janhvi’s wedding is about to take place and the rest of my sisters will also be shown going back to their own house. Then, they will show Janhvi’s married life.”
As for her break, she’s keen to go somewhere where she can cool off. She says, “It is so hot here in Mumbai. I want to get out of here! But these days, up North is also burning. So I might go to places like Dalhousie for holidays, though I have not decided yet.”

The actress had no problem convincing her production house, Creative Eye, that she needed a break. She says, “I told my producer Dheeraj Kumarji that since I don’t have anything to do, he should allow me to take leave. He agreed. We all understand that it becomes monotonous to play the same kind of character for so long. I have not finished shooting as of now but I should by the first week of June.”

Gunjan has gotten so used to going to the sets everyday that she says she’s going to miss her costars when she is on holiday. She adds, “I am going to miss Kshitij, Smriti, Aishwarya, Suchitra, Soni and everyone. We celebrate all sorts of days. Recently, we celebrated Fool’s Day too on the sets. I am sure they will plan some sort of surprise for me on the last day of our shooting. My costars are a bit upset about me leaving but it is only going to be for a maximum of one month.”

And just in case the audience misses Gunjan too much during her absence from the small screen, the production house has decided to start on her track as soon as she returns from her break.

Talking about Betiyaan, Gunjan feels grateful for being given a chance to perform on such a popular show. She says, “I loved the channel, they have given me so much freedom. All the right things fell into the right place and I bagged the role.”

Gunjan reveals that she is also looking at offers to do other shows, saying, “I have a couple of offers but have not accepted any as yet. I will meet up with people and after coming back from my holiday, I might take up a show.”

Before Gunjan Walia, Twinkle Bajpai played Laxmi on Betiyaan.

Report By: Sonali Joshi

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