Ekta returns to her parents house

Television industry’s big momma Ekta Kapoor is actually momma’s little girl in real life. After living for two years in her own swanky apartment, Ekta is back where she started. She has returned to her parents’ (Jeetendra and Shobha Kapoor) house Krishna Bungalow at Juhu.Despite having a few all-night house parties and a multiplicity of meetings in her own fancily done-up pad which is also in Juhu, Ekta perhaps, is more happy and comfortable to be back in her old room. A source said, “Initially Ekta thought it was time for her to move into her own private space away from her parents. After all, she was 30 plus and at that age one feels like having a life away from the parental home. Ekta didn’t really want that independence, but she did it because it seemed politically correct.”

Now, after living for two years on her own, Ekta was unable to bear the separation pangs. “It came to a point where her parents wanted her back and Ekta too wanted to get back home even though she lived a hollering distance from her parents,” said the source.

Though she has locked her apartment and moved in with her parents, Ekta has to follow the rules at home. The source added, “She’s allowed to party, but isn’t allowed to have meetings in her office after a certain time. Her father has asked her to have all her late-night meetings at home. So Ekta dutifully drives back home from wherever she is to have her meetings. And just this once Ekta is happy being bullied.”

Report By: Subhash K Jha

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