Parul Chauhan injured again!

Looks like trouble might as well be Parul Chauhan’s middle name! The actress who plays Ragini in Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai (Star plus Mon-Fri at 9pm) has injured her right ankle. She says, “I’m struggling because I have to run between two shoots. It’s becoming very hectic. To make matters worse, I had a performance with many lifts and during one I injured my leg. Thankfully, it isn’t that bad though.”The actress, who can now be seen wearing a pink bandage, adds, “I have consulted my doctor and he told me that my ankle will be fine soon.

But I’ve got to avoid using high heels and opt for flat shoes instead.” But being a true fashionista the actress didn’t have any flat shoes at home since she loves her heels. She says, “When doctor told me that I have to wear flats, I had to go and buy few pairs for myself.” Parul chose a simple black pair since they match everything.

Apart from sporting a pink bandage, the actress was seen at the success party of Bidaai with red eyes and a husky voice. The lack of sleep seems to have taken its toll on the actress but she still managed to make it for rehearsals and parties!

Report By: Sonali Joshi

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