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Shilpa Shukla, who gained popularity as Binidiya Naik of Chak De! India has roped in one of Bollywood’s biggest star to woo audiences to vote for her in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa. Who wouldn’t vote for Shilpa if Shah Rukh Khan appealed to them? Shilpa very smartly got her sources to inform her of Shah Rukh’s whereabouts and then set out for the location. Shah Rukh, she found out, was shooting at a suburban hotel for an ad. So Shilpa, fully prepared with her television crew to record his vote-appeal, promptly landed there.

Says Shilpa, “Maine Shah Rukh ke saath film ki hai… Itna toh mera haq banta hai. (I have done a film with Shah Rukh… I have the right for at least this much.) So I thought of taking his support. But yes, I must admit, initially bahut dar lag raha tha.”

Unaware of how SRK would react she decided it was wise to ask the crew to wait outside till she managed to obtain Shah Rukh’s assent. So did Shah Rukh recognise her? “Recognise?” she asks taken aback. “Indeed! He’s such a sweet guy. He not only recognised me but also welcomed me warmly. I was apprehensive to start a conversation with him, but once we got talking, we chatted for nearly two hours.”

And so the deed was done.

Report bY: Vickey Lalwani

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