Something fishy

Balaji Telefilms’ head honcho Ekta Kapoor is known for being zealously religious and superstitious. The latest on her is that she has got six Arowana fishes in her Andheri office.And it’s not just because she likes fishes.Recently, Ekta’s family astrologer Janardhan told her that she is under the Rahu graha, and will continue to be so for the next 18 years.It is known to have a bumpy effect on one’s professional and personal life.The astrologer also told Ekta that the invisible planet’s negative effects can be reduced to a large extent if she takes care of Arowana fish(es).Ekta immediately ordered for six of them, which cost her Rs 3 lakh with each one costing her nearly Rs 50,000.

A source said, “Ekta makes it a point to personally feed these fishes every day. She is taking good care of them.”

“Rahu’s effect will diminish as time passes. It is believed that these fishes absorb the planet’s negative effect and if they die, the Rahu effect gets diminished significantly,” said another source.

We contacted Ekta who said, “Please leave me alone.”

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