Sakshi’s mom wants her to marry Ravi

If all goes according to her mother’s plan, Sakshi Talwar, who plays Rano on the show Ranbir Rano (Zee TV, Mon-Thurs at 11pm), will soon being doing a second take of the wedding sequence she is shooting for the serial. That’s because Sakshi’s mother wants her daughter to get married to Ravi, who plays Ranbir, in real life too.SAKSHI, who has been filming for all the onscreen rituals in the past week, admits her mother’s fondness for Ravis character, saying, She likes Ravi and broke down when she saw me in my wedding dress. She wants a boy like Ravi for me. Even I have similar expectations about my dream boy. He should be loving, caring and should understand what I am feeling by just looking into my eyes. The character of Ranbir is perfect for me.

But as far as Ravi is concerned, Sakshi is less keen to call him her dream guy, only saying, “He is very dedicated to work and very helpful. I am very comfortable working with him, even when it comes to romantic scenes.”

Sakshi promises that her onscreen wedding will bring about many exciting turns on the show. She says, “There are going to be major twists that happen during my wedding sequence. It is a grand wedding. This is the first time in my career that I am shooting for a wedding sequence so I am quite excited about it.

Talking about her costume, Sakshi says, “I loved my chuda (bangles), my lehnga, which is pink and orange, and my red dupatta, which has net. I am wearing heavy jewellery similar to Aishwarya Rai’s in Jodha Akbar. The show’s stylist, Ria Gautam, designed the outfit. Everyone laughs at me as the costume weighs at least 5kgs. Its really difficult for me to move around from the make up room to the set. I need two people to help me walk.”

It is going to be a typical Punjabi wedding for Rano. “First we will show the Mata Ki Chowki, mehndi, haldi and then there is a ritual where Rano’s mother’s brother will distribute gifts to everyone. After that, there is a ritual where Rano’s papa will make her leave her footprints at the entrance of the house, followed by chidiya bandhna, which symbolises the daughter leaving the house. After that there is the doli ritual. They will first carry the doli to the boy’s house. He will touch it and then they will bring it to the girl’s place. So we will show all these things.”

“I am also from Delhi and it feels like I am really getting married. It will be like a rehearsal for me!”

Sakshi is currently starring in just Ranbir Rano.

Report by:Sonali Joshi

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