Rajshree Thakur threatened to leave Saat Phere….

The lead actress of Saat Phere, Rajshree Thakur has the soap’s production house wound around her little finger. When she was denied a vacation, she threatened to leave the show. Later, when her vacation was approved, the script had to be turned around to explain her absence.Our source said, “Rajshree has been demanding a vacation for a long time. Months of pleading didn’t yield anything, so she threatened to leave the show. The producers couldn’t let her quit as the lead actor Shard Kelkar is on the verge of bidding farewell. So they allowed Rajshree to take an entire month off in May. This situation put the producers in a spot. They had to consider Rajshree’s demand and still continue the show.”

As a compromise, the frazzled production house twisted the script, “In order to justify her absence, her character Saloni, will be sent to jail and the soap will also take a twenty year leap. Her two daughters will grow up and take centre stage. The director has already started searching for new faces to fit the bill of the two actors who will play the pivotal roles after the leap.”

Explaining her stand Rajshree said, “I have been waiting for a break desperately. I have been working continuously since Saat Phere’s first episode. That is almost four years, except ten days I took for my wedding two years ago. Now, the length of my holiday will depend on the altered storyline.”

Report By: Ashwini Deshmukh

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