Parul Chauhan to perform on JDJ despite her injured leg

Parul Chauhan, who plays Ragini on Bidaai (Star Plus, Mon-Fri at 9pm), is having a tough time rehearsing for Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa with her injured leg, yet she is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that she puts up a tough fight.SHE says, “I initially had a problem with my leg but in the past two weeks, there have been so many lifts in my performances that suddenly it started hurting more severely. But this is a competition and I have to perform here. I cannot make any excuses.”The actress, who still has a bandage on her right ankle, shouldn’t stand for long hours yet shooting for Bidaai forces her to. She says, “When I fainted during my performance, my doctor told me to take bed rest for at least 15 days, which of course I could not do. Now too, I have been advised to rest but that is next to impossible for me. During the shoot of Bidaai, I could barely stand but I have no option as I have to shoot for long shots. So there too, I hardly get any rest. Thankfully, my bandage can be easily hidden as I have to wear sarees.”

Describing her hectic schedule, Parul says, “After finishing off shooting for Bidaai, I have to rehearse for Jhalak for at least 4 hours. I am okay now as I have been taking medicines that my doctor has prescribed and my mother is here to take care of me. She came last week. Everyone was telling me that she should come down to care for me so I asked her to come. She was very worried.”

This week, all the contestants have been given two props, blindfolds and elastic bands, which they will have to perform with. Parul is going to perform on a romantic number.

Report By: Sonali Joshi

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