Body Do-Able

After four long years working for Saat Phere, lead actress Rajshree Thakur is finally taking some well deserved time off. With the sanctioning of her vacation, arose the problem of continuing the shoot. Since a daily soap cannot possibly carry the story further without its protagonist, Rajshree found a solution.While she is away, a sales co-ordinator named Sandhya Pujari will play her body double. A source said, “Though the track of the serial was changed and a twenty year leap was incorporated, Rajshree was still needed to be around for a couple of shots. This would ensure that the track moved forward smoothly. That’s when Rajshree came up with this idea. The makers were stunned by how similar Sandhya looked to Rajshree. Sandhya was immediately taken on board to fill in the former’s absence.”

Sandhya often used to be told that she looked very similar to Rajshree. Once when Rajshree was shooting close to Sandhya’s office, Sandhya went over to meet her.

Sandhya, the look-alike confirmed, “Yes, I was approached to play Saloni’s character while Rajshree is away. I have been informed that I’ll have to start shooting soon. This will be my very first time in front of the camera. I’ve set out to try something new. Now let’s see how it goes.”

Report By: By Ashwini Deshmukh

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