Avika Gor on a mission…

Avika Gor, who plays Anandi on Balika Vadhu (Colors), is taking the show’s theme to promote awareness about child marriage to heart. That’s why she recently gave a speech on the subject at a rally orgainised by NGO Varta Manj in Jodhpur.“I went to Jodhpur on April 20 for one day,” says Avika, “there was this NGO that had organised a rally which supported the banning of child marriages. So they called me to make the kids take an oath.”Talking about the experience, Avika says, “I was very excited to be a part of something like this. It was a first time for me.”

Avika’s father tells us more about the event, saying, “Every year, Varta Manj organises a rally to promote awareness about some social issue or the other and it is held on the occasion of Akhateej. This year, they called Avika as she is a part of Balika Vadhu, a show which deals with child marriage.”

The rally was a child awareness programme, attended by 3000-4000 kids who participated in the 3km marathon. “After that, Avika gave a small speech and then all the kids took an oath with her that they would never support child marriages,” adds the father.

Purnendo Shekhar (Balika’s writer) also accompanied Avika to Jodhpur as it is his hometown. He even helped her prepare the speech.

Avika’s father says that the response to her talk was wonderful. He adds, “Every child wanted to come and speak to Avika. The NGO people are so happy with the response they have got and now plan to put hoardings of Avika over the entire city of Jodhpur.”

Report By: Vandana Shukla

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